Watoto Kenya ONLUS aims at turning children from needy to independent through a sustainable vision, having the goal of helping their reintegration in their own social fabric with the ability of looking after themselves and the will to improve the quality of life around them.


Makobeni Project

From beneficiaries to economic self-sufficiency: the great result of a community in a journey lasting since 10 years. This gathers and routes all the interventions to a specific area, rural and semi-arid, with the goal of promoting a sustainable and lasting improvement of the quality of life.


Economic Development

We help people become the architects of their own future. We support vocational and managerial training, team building, market surveys and business set up. We support the creation of jobs to improve the quality of life in the area.



Real poverty is the absence of knowledge. In a region where only 4.5% of children enters secondary school or professional courses, Watoto Kenya invests in people, paying as many scholarships as possible in primary and secondary school, college and university.


Assistance and Childhood

We provide food, accommodation, medical care and education for children and young people in need. We help them discover and cultivate their talents, putting them in the conditions of taking on their reintegration in the community of origin.


Community Support

Diminishing poverty means giving back to the people their right to decide about their life and giving the children the possibility to live with their own families. Inform, prevent and raise awareness in order to improve the quality of life in the community.



Thanks to our work in collaboration with local bodies, be they governmental or not, Watoto Kenya had the opportunity of carrying out collaborations with Organisations and Ministries, obtaining appreciation and acknowledgements.