Following the recommendation of the head of the province’s Education Department, with the 2023 school year we integrated the Food Program with support for 18 kindergartens for a total of around 1,400 children.
The program includes the distribution of “porridge” as breakfast.

From the quarterly report of the Department it is underlined that:


  • All food handlers working under this food program undergo medical examination procedures and are medically fit.
  • Student enrollments in schools increased from 1,350 to 1,478 and the community introduced two day care centers
  • the activity status of the learners reported by the teachers in charge is positive
  • the parents’ contribution gave an answer equal to 90%.


  • pupils finish their homework on time because those who don’t finish on time have to take their porridge later than those who finish on time
  • Pupils’ handwriting keeps improving after taking the porridge because they are strong and active
  • student performance is high after the long (10:00) porridge break.”

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