Watoto Kenya is a no profit organization founded in 2004. Watoto Kenya supports social and cultural development of children and adolescents of Makobeni, in Langobaya District, a rural and semi arid land of Kenyan Coastal Region.

Our goals are education, empowerment, social assistance and job creation through the support of specif projects managed by youth trained and educated from Watoto Kenya.

Our project are based and implemented on partnerships with other stakeholders, private or public, local or international.

We believe that only together we can achieve a long lasting and resistant change, shared with the community at large.

We work towards the creation of a network of cooperation above Italian no profit organization operating on the same area in Kea.

VALUES : Respect, Partnership, Change
VISION New generation free from ignorance towards the achievement of their dignity
MISSION Education, capacity building, assistance, promotion of social development and job creation (UN AGENDA 2030)

1. EDUCATION AND TRAINING, right to study
2. ASSISTANCE, alternative family care, right to live and fight against poverty
3. SOCIAL INNOVATION, economic development and job creation, right to work and dignity