Watoto Kenya Onlus believes that job is a key element in the foundation of every society, its dignity and for the freedom of human being, of hope and social justice in order to promote and maintain peace and healthy communities.

In this sense Watoto Kenya Onlus contributes to SDG number 8 promoting entrepreneurship mainly of young people who have been assisted and supported through training and education, encouraging and sustaining the creation and boost of micro business in the area of Langobaya and Malindi within Kilifi County in Kenya.

Out of all the project, the Tailoring project has been activated more than 10 years ago and it is a growing business managed by Kenyans and tailors who have been trained through funds of Watoto Kenya Onlus. They produce both for the local and for the international market and in 2019 they have been involved in a project to promote gender empowerment and gender equality (the Dignity Kit Project, funded by FAI Foundation). The workshop is now based in Watamu and they have selling points in various hotel within Watamu and Malindi.

The Tailoring Project has been supported by FAI Foundation